I went to Andrew for Hypnotherapy as I have suffered with insomnia for many years. I felt he understood my problem and he intuitively seemed to know how to help me. I have slept really well since my consultation and am able to switch off from my thoughts with ease. I feel healthier and have energy now.


Hello Andrew,
Thank you for helping me to quit smoking. It’s been a month now and am feeling the benefits. My health is better, food smells wonderful and I’ve got got more money in my pocket. Hypnosis really works.


I went to Andrew as I wanted desperately to stop smoking. I have MS, and for 20+ years I had been a smoker. I tried on my own and was able to remove the daytime smoking years ago but not my evening/night-time smoke which I used as a tool for unwinding and sleeping. Desperate to stop damaging my body, I booked in with Andrew. After my session 7 weeks ago, I have been smoke free!! Andrew made me feel at ease from the start. I see clearly who I want to be, free of smoke, and I’ve not looked back. I’ve since achieved my goal of hiking to the summit of Mount Snowdon as a non-smoker. I felt the difference in my lungs and body hiking to the top. I’ve conquered two goals and I can’t thank Andrew enough!! My next mission is to tackle my insomnia. I will forever hold the image of who I want to be, and will conquer that insomnia demon too. Thank you Andrew!!


For a while I had overweight problem, eating problems, also sleeping disorder, been try diets, exercises etc, I found on internet to do a hipnotic gastric band, so I said to myself, why not have a go,  had few session, been more than a month now, the scale and the dress start to prove right decision, I know is too early to shout victory, but I feel confident and positive thanks to Andrew, grazie.


Andrew put me at ease as soon as I arrived for my first session with his calm, friendly manner. During my three visits he helped me to understand the root of my problem and to relax deeply – a soothing experience.


I was going through a stressful time with Covid-19 and Andrew was very understanding and helped me to cope and calm down.


Andrew was amazing and it took
only 3 visits and my anxiety is both better understood and
under control. Andrew is patient, professional and has a very
calming personality. I am very thankful.


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