I went to Andrew for Hypnotherapy as I have suffered with insomnia for many years. I felt he understood my problem and he intuitively seemed to know how to help me. I have slept really well since my consultation and am able to switch off from my thoughts with ease. I feel healthier and have energy now.


Hello Andrew,
Thank you for helping me to quit smoking. It’s been a month now and am feeling the benefits. My health is better, food smells wonderful and I’ve got got more money in my pocket. Hypnosis really works.


Andrew put me at ease as soon as I arrived for my first session with his calm, friendly manner. During my three visits he helped me to understand the root of my problem and to relax deeply – a soothing experience.


I was going through a stressful time with Covid-19 and Andrew was very understanding and helped me to cope and calm down.


Andrew was amazing and it took
only 3 visits and my anxiety is both better understood and
under control. Andrew is patient, professional and has a very
calming personality. I am very thankful.


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