Have you ever experienced trying to quit an addiction to something, telling yourself “I’m not going to eat chocolate again; I’ll never eat chocolate again”. Trying so hard not to do something, only to succumb to temptation and return to your old habits. Followed by feelings of guilt, self-blame and hopelessness? In psychology this is known as Ironic Processing, by thinking about “not eating chocolate” we are therefore thinking about chocolate. The more we consciously try to stop a habit, the less chance of subconscious success. Willpower is a conscious effort and is why people often fail in giving up addictions through willpower alone.

Addictions are potentially harmful dependencies either of physical or psychological nature. Often associated with the release of hormones called endorphins.

At Rochester Hypnotherapy Clinic you will be taught how to achieve subconscious ever lasting success in leaving your addiction. Hypnotherapy deals with the subconscious mind, the driving force of our behaviours and habits, which is why addictions are very successfully treated with hypnotherapy.

hypnosis helping with addiction

Some common addictions include:

  • Drug addiction
  • Alcoholism
  • tobacco/nicotine
  • gambling
  • shopping
  • food
  • internet/social media
  • compulsive lying
  • nail biting

Addictions can also have underlying emotional causes to them. Together we will explore the cause of your addiction and treat the cause too, to rid you of your habit.

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