Research has shown that the majority of diets fail, or the weight lost from the dieting is put back on again as the dieting fails. Yet we are constantly bombarded with the latest “Miracle diet” by the media. Dieting can also mess up your metabolism and is linked to cardiovascular disease and diabetes. Some of the reasons why dieting fails are those who go on diets want a “quick fix”.

Their old patterns of eating behaviour still exist and the diet hasn’t done anything to change the individual themselves for long term success.

When you are on the diet you are thinking about food a lot of the time, with food always on your mind you are more likely to eat. Also there can be underlying reasons for the overeating, people can comfort eat due to depression or anxiety for example. At Rochester Hypnotherapy Clinic, together we will show you how to become a “new you”, who eats sensibly and healthily, breaking up old habits and treating any underlying issues causing the overeating.

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