Coronavirus and Mental Health

Looking back in history on epidemics and large scale disasters, they are almost always accompanied by increases in depression, PTSD, substance use disorder and many other mental conditions. And according to Sandro Galea, MD; it is clear we will experience increases in anxiety, depression, substance use, loneliness and domestic violence; as a result of the Coronavirus itself and the lock-down/social distancing.

As you would expect, anxiety will have increased from the fear of catching the Coronavirus or a loved one catching the virus. Experiencing symptoms relating to panic, germ phobia and anxietyAnd of course bereavement from losing a loved one to the virus.

Also, the lockdown and social distancing can effect our mental health in different ways. Our isolation can increase feelings of loneliness and being unable to do things we enjoy and “live” can increase feelings of boredom and depression.

A US study comparing mental health from 2018 and 27th April 2020, showed participants were 8 times more likely to screen positive for serious mental illness . In particular it is younger adults aged 18 to 44 who are suffering most. This can leave an aftermath of poorer mental health when the pandemic passes.

At Rochester Hypnotherapy Clinic we can help calm your anxiety related symptoms down and experience your day more pleasantly; be a support for you in the gradual recovery from a loss of a loved one and increase your joy from life despite the effects of the lockdown. Hypnotherapy deals with the subconscious mind, the driving force of our behaviours and habits, which is why hypnotherapy done correctly can be a fantastic treatment and aid to mental health.

You can help mental health researchers looking into the mental health effects of COVID-19 by participating in surveys down below:

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